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Emulsifiers for Good aims to inspire and share knowledge and ideas for realizing the full potential of sustainably sourced and produced emulsifiers, helping to solve some of the world’s food and non-food challenges.


Why this blog?

There’s no shortage of challenges in the world. Those that are most pressing – and hopefully solvable – are described in the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Not many people know that emulsifiers, typically listed on food and drink product labels in small print, or contained in everything from polymers to cosmetics and even asphalt, are already playing a role in achieving these goals.

That’s because emulsifiers can help to:


Make it sustainable

But here’s the thing: We believe that emulsifiers used in food and non-food products should, as much as possible, be based on sustainably sourced ingredients, and they should be sustainable produced, too!



Emulsifiers for Good is made possible by a food and polymer ingredients manufacturer: Palsgaard A/S. We’re a Danish-based, foundation-owned entity that combines emulsifier know-how with a socially responsible agenda – and we’ve been around for over 100 years. We are concerned that the potential of emulsifier technology to do good things for the world could be diminished if people don’t realize that emulsifiers can and should be sustainably and safely sourced, produced and consumed. And that’s exactly why this blog exists.


Should your voice be heard?

Emulsifiers for Good is an open, free forum. So if you’ve got expertise in the field to share, and you accept that this isn’t the place to promote specific product brands or companies, we’re keen to hear your perspective, too!


Claus Hviid Christensen
Editor, Emulsifiers for Good