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Become a Contributor

Are you a technologist, market analyst, researcher, CSR expert or similar? If you have a role to play in manufacturing or in sustainability where emulsifiers are involved - and an opinion that should be heard, we’d love to help you share your insights and know-how.

You can view the blog’s editorial mission here. Use it as inspiration for deciding what you would like to write or record on video.

Once you’re clear on a possible topic and angle, get in contact with us at, outlining:

  • Your name
  • Biographical information
  • Your topic and angle
  • Why you feel it’s relevant for the blog
  • When you expect you could have it ready

We’ll get back in touch with you by email as soon as we’ve had a chance to read and consider your ideas. Of course, we can’t guarantee your proposed post will be accepted, but we will do our best to let you know the decision as quickly as possible.


Rules of play

Blog posts submitted to Emulsifiers for Good must be entirely your own work and original – i.e., they haven’t been published elsewhere either online or in print.

We’ll review your contribution before publishing it, reserving the right to suggest changes while respecting that this is your voice, not ours.

Here are few important points to keep in mind:

  • Use a straightforward writing style rather than an academically heavy one
  • Please refrain from promoting specific product or service brands or companies
  • If you’re criticising the status quo, don’t mention companies or their products by name
  • State your sources, where appropriate, in parentheses within the post rather than as footnotes
  • Don’t worry too much about grammar, etc., particularly if you’re not a native English speaker – we’ll proofread all contributions and make any corrections necessary


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How many posts can I write as an Emulsifiers for Good contributor?
A: Unless you’ve agreed with us to do a series of posts with a uniting theme, we prefer to limit contributions from any single contributor to a maximum of 4 per year.


Q: What topics do Emulsifiers for Good contributors discuss?
A: Contributors address topics that are have some relevance to the field of sustainably sourced and produced emulsifiers. We’re particularly interested in narrowly focused topics, and we’re also interested in hearing your broader views about the future of emulsifiers as well as relevant personal stories about being involved in the industry. We appreciate humor, too, as long as it is in keeping with the business nature of the blog.


Q: What materials can I submit as an Emulsifiers for Good contributor?
A. We accept both written (500-1000 words) and video (usually 2-3 minutes) submissions. If you’re creating a video, we’ll be in contact to provide more detailed guidelines about, e.g. file formats.


Q: What are the benefits of being an Emulsifiers for Good contributor?
A: Your messages will be broadcast throughout industries that already use emulsifiers or where they present new opportunities, potentially reaching thousands of professionals. Articles are not only shared on Emulsifiers for Good, but they are also promoted through social media channels. And of course, all contributors are recognized in article bylines and in biographies on the blog.


Q: What should I do if I have more questions?
A: Just send an email to with your questions. We’ll get right back to you.