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Emulsifiers in food

Deciphering numbers and names on ingredient lists can be tricky and may deter some consumers from buying certain products. But how do you know if they are bad for you?

Saturated fats contribute to a creamy and smooth texture in ice cream, but unfortunately it also contributes to cardiovascular disease. With the aid of the right combination of emulsifiers and stabilizers, however, manufacturers can produce healthier ice creams.

Within a week of its launch Emulsifiers for Good has received its first request for more information about emulsifiers. The reader wanted to know about the emulsifier known as E473...


Have you ever wondered why emulsifiers are used in industrial production of chocolate and confectionery products? 

Just how hard is it to create a low-fat, vegetable oil-based spread, using a water-in-oil (W/O) emulsion, that can meet market demands for healthier food products? And without sacrificing the quality that will get consumers coming back for more?

Ice cream manufacturers care deeply about the quality of their products – but what the consumer ends up experiencing is often something quite different. What’s the problem and how can emulsifiers help?

Should your voice be heard?

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