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What exactly is Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate, Polyglycerol Esters, Ammonium Phosphatide, Lecithin or Mono and diglycerides? The answer - they are all plant-based emulsifiers used in a variety of food applications.

Emulsipedia is a new section on Emulsifiers for Good planned to serve as an encyclopedia on emulsifiers, explaining the uses and origins of the most common food emulsifiers, as well as some of the often used terminology related to emulsifiers. 

Emulsifiers are used in various products to make them shelf stable from food to cosmetics, but how do you make those products and what process is usually involved? Spray drying is one possible unit operation where emulsifiers are constantly being used.



Thank you for your interest in Emulsifiers for Good. After all successful launch of the blog, we are now preparing for season 2 and will be back with new posts in August, including new entries for Emulsipedia, which we invite you to contribute to.


Learn the facts behind the highly versatile emulsifier known as PGE (E475) and discover its effects in cakes, margarines and non-food applications such as plastics and cosmetics.


Discover the facts behind the co-emulsifier known as PGPR and learn about its applications in confectionery and margarine in this first post on Emulsipedia - our new emulsifier encyclopedia.