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Sustainable emulsifiers

There’s currently no official or widely accepted definition of a ‘sustainable emulsifier’. And, in fact, there may never be one. 



It’s no secret that our company has long encouraged food manufacturers to use sustainable emulsifiers. Here are some of the reasons why choosing sustainable emulsifiers has never been easier.

Expertise and technology won from working with vegetable-based emulsifiers in the food industry is inspiring new, affordable ways to lift safety and ease packaging production.

What exactly is an emulsifier and what does it do - and how can the ability to mix oil and water help solve some of the world's food and non-food challenges? 

Malaysian-based writer Iylia Aziz recently encouraged local consumers to be more aware that the country’s huge production of palm oil has major implications for themselves, the country and the rest of the world.

A recent claim that “40% of global deforestation is due to the shift to large-scale oil palm monoculture plantations” has been examined and overturned by the work of three researchers.



Emulsifiers for Good is a new blog that aims to inspire and share knowledge and ideas for realizing the full potential of sustainably sourced and produced emulsifiers, helping to solve some of the world’s food and non-food challenges.